Loans to buy a car, it depends on the owner's financial situation. When asked about the pros and cons of car loans, how much most people are a bit dubious. They believe that a loan to buy a car, not only can make money not enough citizens to advance buy desirable cars, can also make some money but enough other people in use of freeing some cushion in the price of financial resources for development. However, the resulting interest and additional fees are to be ignored. There is no doubt that the "interest-free, free of charge," let a lot of people who can't afford to buy a car with car impulse, however, this value-for-money ratio problems behind the many ill-conceived, auto credit practitioners believe that when loans to car buyers, consumers must pay attention to three points: First, enjoy a business "zero percent interest-free loans", does that can also enjoy the preferential price; Second, the present car loan fees in the range of 4%~7.5%, whether or not the interest increases fees; Third, the General car interest rate is charged on the Bank's benchmark interest rate, whether or not the charges, on the basis of interest in the Bank's benchmark interest rates float. Meanwhile, select loan, new car insurance have "full guarantees", will have a greater premium costs. Therefore, the car loan when you are doing the most important thing is to shop around, consumers should choose to possess the necessary qualifications and the strength of the regular car loan service company, fees for its services, not only in terms of specification, and does not give you problems.