Heavy pressure from mortgage car loans earning 20000 white-collar money management
One for insurance: Wan does not currently have any commercial insurance protection, but as a member of family income is higher, insurance protection is not negligible. Proposals can take 2000 Yuan a month to buy business insurance. As for what to buy, plus medical insurance and consumer-accident insurance. A for planning your children's Education Fund: to get married next year, likely within the next two or three years to have children, so it should be planning for their children's education costs as soon as possible, recommended fund investment, reserve a college education fund for the children. We assume that two years after the children, age 18 to go to College, then a 20-year period planning education fund for the children. The money: how planning. recommended funds scheduled to vote, after more than 20 years of investment, expected to be available around 460,000 Gold funds used for children's education.

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