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Identify coordinates this car loan 5

Identify coordinates this car loan 5

From the aspect of plate, gem plays computer stocks surged yesterday, followed by farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and pharmaceutical sectors and gain small still banks and larger gains in the early "positive cash" catering tourism sector. From this point of view, catering tourism cyclical sectors, "positive cash" is a selling point. Cuisine Guide mentioned yesterday, under stock market rose sharply on the periphery, a-shares will open higher. In fact, from the perspective of yesterday, whether it is price or volume, this first step is to go out and go flat. Then look at trends and turnover on subsequent days are smooth and zoom in, if the amount does not contract, price is in line with the coming out, you may have a small rebound. Cuisine guide during the national day period, studied medicine under the plate, thinking of post-holiday bargains with pharmaceutical stocks. Unexpectedly, the "Tu" theme units in the first days after it broke out. Advantages of medicine theme out, is foreseeable, will also have a number of agencies at the betting window period of four quarters: message bad reduced and major shareholders in the fourth quarter against reduction.

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